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The nature of trade shows is changing alongside our changing economy. They are no longer just a place where you buy or sell something. Instead, they have become a modern tool of marketing communication.Trade show facts:• trade shows provide a marketing message which the addressees are willing to pay for by themselves• trade shows are a commercial presentation which anyone can see and touch for themselves• trade shows are a marketing tool that ensure comprehensive communication on many levels• trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to build your company's image. In that, they are like spectacular fashion shows where the best ideas from leading firms are presented, setting trends for other market participants• trade shows are a source of knowledge and inspiration: whatever is showcased at trade fairs becomes a must, a thing to followBenefits from trade show participation:Comprehensive trade show presence:• tailor-made displays• spectacular new product presentations• demonstrations of product applications• customer meetings• press conferencesEffective return on investment:• Research from the Exhibition & Event Association of Australia shows that an average 9% investment of a corporate marketing budget into trade show participation translates into a 23% business increase.• Research from CEIR (Center of Exhibition Industry Research) and FEBELUX (Federations of Fairs and Exhibitions in Belgium and Luxemburg) shows that:- 76% of trade show guests come with definite action plans- 48% of potential transactions that are discussed at trade shows are successful without any additional effort on the vendor's part- Cost to complete transactions that are discussed at trade shows is 56% lower than for traditional sales calls at your prospective trade partners.Complete services:• help from professional personnel• full trade show exhibit services: from stand construction through exhibit display arrangements and conferences to promotional or advertising campaigns• comprehensive services and top qualityFormalities:• Application and order forms are available online on individual trade show websitesMatchmaking:• market research, trade reports• search for prospective investors, business partners and candidates for collaboration• organisation of meetings with selected business partners• trade mission arrangements and services• assistance with marketing and promotional campaigns• organisation of meetings for the WTC Club and International Cooperation Exchanges. In 2003, matchmaking meetings were attended by entrepreneurs from 17 countries: Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine and USA.Hosted Buyers Special Programme:Months before a given trade show begins, MTP looks for potential partners and investors to co-operate with exhibitors. After that, we organise their stay in Poznań. A number of pre-arranged meetings then take place during the show to ensure your show presence is more noticeable and you need less time to reach your business partners.Benefits for visitors:• complete, comprehensive and neutral information• excellent comparability of offers• ability to make objective assessments• 54% of visitors at trade show come to see new products or services• 48% of visitors look for information• 40% of visitors want to be up to date with new technologies• 15% of visitors at trade shows come to establish business contactsSource: Exhibition & Event Association of AustraliaInteractive dimension:• trade shows are an opportunity for a dialogue and exchange of opinions.• new customers: trade shows are where first contacts with prospective customers are made.• existing customers: trade shows help you refresh your contacts and engage in a dialogue with clients during face-to-face meetings.• old customers: trade shows provide an opportunity to renew contacts with your former customers and present new business proposals.Synergy effects:Synergy effects are achieved through simultaneous use of a variety of services. Trade shows help you:• win new customers• build new customer database• strengthen customer contacts• launch new products and services• showcase and promote products• sell products• build your company image• create and strengthen your brand• build up media interestTrade shows also provide an excellent venue for you to:• learn about customer expectations• eeceive immediate feedback on company products• find local representatives and product distributors• showcase your products by stimulating the 5 senses of attendeesTrade shows and the Internet:• 91% of 250 surveyed CEOs of American corporations believe the Internet WILL NOT replace trade shows.• personal contact cannot be replaced (55%)• products need to be seen and discussed (35%)• answers to questions asked at trade shows are more complete (10%)• the Internet can be used as a source of trade show information:- Company presentation in online exhibitors’ catalogues- Year-round promotion of new products on MTP websites(Source: International Association for Exhibition Management)Benefits for exhibitors:• demonstrating company market presence (opinion expressed by 83% of respondents)• presentation of new products (79%) • upholding contacts with existing customers (78%) • exchange and acquisition of information (78%) • acquisition of new customers (77.6%)• increased awareness of and improved company image (76%)• increased product knowledge (75%)• recognition of customer expectations (70%)• execution of sale contracts (64%)• influencing customer decisions (63%)• increased product awareness (58% of companies)• exchange and collection of market information (50% of companies)• recognition of customer expectations (50% of companies), influencing customer decisions (33% of companies)• execution of sale contracts (29% of companies)(Source: Austellungs- und MesseAusschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft - EMNID Institute Deutschland)Face-to-face:• 87% of marketing specialists surveyed believe that direct (face-to-face) communication with customers, business partners and media representatives is a necessary element of corporate marketing strategy.(Source: Association of Exhibition Organisers, Benchmark Research)  

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