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da Mercoledì, Settembre 9, 2015 a Venerdì, Settembre 11, 2015

International Stone Fair will be September 9th, 2015 in Laizhou International Exhibition Center opened. It is understood, and different from previous exhibitions, this exhibition hall for the Laizhou stone image of the exhibition floor, Stone Machinery , Tools, conservation exhibition, sculpture exhibition; two-story stone for the new varieties of the national exhibition, Laizhou Stone galleries, boutique real estate exhibition. From more than 20 countries and regions, traders will send delegations to participate in this exhibition.This exhibition has increased the traders in the breeze intensity, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Spain, Egypt, Korea and other countries will organize a delegation of traders , China had the Department of Capital Airport decorative and architectural design units, decorative Group and other traders to be more than 500 people to purchase.Exhibition will set up the image display area, Laizhou Stone Industry, the exhibition will be unified design, unified move-in, highlight the booth design, hardcover, comprehensive display of the overall image of Laizhou Stone Industry, promote the Laizhou Stone Products and other related products.Laizhou Stone Industry as an important base for promoting the development of Laizhou Stone Industry, and promoting technical and equipment upgrading, this exhibition organizers invited subjects,Yulei, VIA, Verone stone and other well-known stone machinery manufacturing enterprises demonstrate new technology, new equipment.In addition, the activities carried out in terms of highlighting the actual results-oriented. Stone processing technology and equipment, will introduce the main display of stone mining, processing of new technology, new equipment, focus on introducing Energy Environmental protection equipment to promote the upgrading of Laizhou Stone Industry, Laizhou to promote the sustainable development of the stone industry.New variety show mainly stone stone enterprises to provide traders with the exchange platform, introduce new varieties of stone to increase, leading enterprises and traders to meet new varieties, new varieties of processing, the application of new varieties.Recent years, the stone industry products significantly accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and achievements. High value-added in 2014, deep processing Shaped stone Stone craft stone and the city's total output accounted for more than 27%, Laizhou City, Stone has undergone a qualitative change in industrial structure, production of stone products has changed in the past Plate Single situation, stone products rich in diversity, pluralism, from the big board to size panels, sheets, curves, table, round solitary plate; from a difficult mosaic, fireplaces, stone furniture, Japanese, American, Continental gravestone; From Chinese to Western-style sculpture carving; in recent years has developed a ceramic stone, Artificial stone , Ultra-thin Stone Honeycomb panel, so Stone processing technology stride a large stride.But we should also see the restructuring of Shandong Province Stone products with the strength and depth of Fujian and other places far from enough compared with the domestic advanced stone business there is still a large gap compared. Chain need to be further stretched, should get to the special, refined products conversion.Stone technology and equipment in recent years, continued to improve, but still more than half of the stone produced by backward technology and equipment manufacturing. To excessive consumption of resources, pollution of the environment at the cost of growth in the number of products, a small stone out widely to the original mining company based mining serious waste of resources, the stone resource utilization rate is only 20% to 30%, plate processing of lower quality, environmental protection facilities are not perfect. This extensive growth mode has not really changed, over-reliance on resources, despite the problem of environmental pollution is still placed in front of the whole industry a serious and important issue.Government faces the task of industrial restructuring, industrial restructuring is reasonable is whether the stone industry of Shandong Laizhou even out of the woods key. The following points need to do(1) nurturing a large number of well-known large-scale stone enterprise, focus on big and small, focus on mark small, limiting "workshop style" small business development, to support large enterprises to expand the scale of the way through the internal potential is propagated with enterprises to expand the scale of investment approach can also directly import a large stone enterprises, to raise its overall size.(2) encourage the development of circular economy, foster a number of New Enterprise Stone processing and waste utilization. According to industry conditions, and actively guide part of the company turned to man-made stone, shaped, Stone carving Stone and other high added value products in the production of high grade, extend the industrial chain, enhance its competitiveness. You can also introduce new domestic and foreign stone material enterprises to optimize the industrial structure.(3) to increase the professional market, building stone, Laizhou, Laizhou industry market prosperity. Laizhou Stone Market as soon as possible perfect infrastructure, increase market promotion efforts. Stone at home and abroad through exhibitions, media campaigns, press conferences, etc., to attract domestic and foreign stone dealers settled in Laizhou Stone market, rich market, product range, gradually formed plate, Blocks , Shaped, stone carving stone carvings and other professional market structure, pulling the overall level of industrial upgrading of Laizhou.(4) increase of the stone industry, policy preferences, and support efforts. As long as conducive to the development on the industry, the Government will give full support, adhere to the "green light." Laizhou Stone Industry to develop, can not do without government support.

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