Marmomacc 2015

The exhibition in the city of Verona Marmomacc 2015 has just ended and it was like every year a valuable opportunity of meeting, knowledge and dialogue between the various companies for many years or for the first time using this event to expose its products.

The key issue is the contribution that Marmomacc offers to all professionals in the construction industry and not just that, turning in the outside area between blocks of various types of stone (from marble to travertine, slate to granite) or within individual halls of the various preparations, collect all the information necessary to operate the most appropriate design choices or simply to observe closely the latest trends in the field of use of the stone in the construction sector.

It remains striking somewhere between big monoliths places outside that kissed by sunlight or artificial light, and thanks to a wonderful play of refraction, can touch deep impulses in the visitor that comes as catapulted in times past where these blocks were impressive mined by hand and transported in yards citizens through ingenious paths channeled to come then processed in the ancient sites of the most important factories of the time.

A completely different feeling can be seen by visiting the locations of the giant machines of stone that demonstrate the power and the great innovation that human ingenuity has refined over the centuries to shape at will this material as beautiful as hard. And then it passes from large machines with diamond disks for cutting of the large blocks to the last robot prototypes for the cleaning and polishing of the slabs at the end of machining.

Taste and refinement; rather fascinating environments recreated by top designers and interior architects to better show how the use of a material so tough and determined can still reserve the right quality in works inside the luxurious character.

The fair has once again proved equal to the inherent story that belongs. Fifty years of successes and improvements have ensured a pleasant and adequate experience to all those who have been lucky enough to visit it.

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